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Single pallet mould
Chuanqi Mould design the pallet mould with valve gate hot runner system, the special filter system design to allow recycled material injection moulding, the optimal injection & cooling system, approached the mould high speed injection.

Pallet size 1200x 1000x 160mm
Pallet description Single pallet with 4 slide
Pallet mould cavity 1 cavity
Pallet mould size 1700x 1500x 680mm
Pallet mould materail DIN1.2311
Pallet mould life 1 million
Pallet mould injection systerm 16 point hot nozzle with big gate
Pallet mould ejection systerm Ejector pin and Ejector block
Pallet mould running Ejector pin and slide systerm
Pallet mould injection cycle time 95 seconds
Delivery time 90 days

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