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CHUANQI MOULD Company manufactured more than 100 sets crate mould each year average.Including Fruit and vegetable crate mould,  Fish crate mould, bottle crate mould ect. We ger the experience as below:
1.  How to make the crate mould high speed injection.  
1)  The crate mould need high precision and the mould steel should reach to standad hardness. Moving part with guide funcation, as because mould quality is very important.
2)  Specific and efficient hot runner system.
3)  Perfect cooling system design.In order to make the cooling system best effect, You need to make the cooling the best optimal effect, for durable plastic crate mould, you need to use mold-max on the molding area with excellent cooling water channel design  
4) High-speed injection machine. You need the high speed injection molding machine to run it, the screw RPM should be bigger then 350
5)   Plastic crate mould design also is very important, it is better to use a mechanical system onto the crate mould ejection, in this way, you can make the ejection action when the mould opening. Of course, maybe your machine can work with the 2 hydraulic acting in the same time, then you can do the ejection when the mould opening.
2. plastic crate mould handle area venting solution
This is an important issue, as because when the crate was loaded and the people carry the crate, the 2 handle area will be the biggest force focused. If on the mould, this area air venting is not perfect, there will be a very obviously jointing line. The damage are always come from this line.
3. How to make the long life mould.
1)  Should choose the standad mould material for mould base, mould cora and cavity.
2)  Make the correct harden treatment to each steel piece and make the steel hardness controlled.
3) the moving area or guiding system of crate mould must be very precise machining processed. Any hand working on it is not acceptable.

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